“Rachel” watercolor January 2017

“Rachel” watercolor January 2017 I started this late December. As usual is just sat there nearly completed for a couple of weeks before I finished it. Terribly bad habit that, but oh well, it’s finished now.

“Rebel Princess”

Watercolor and gouache stars, rebel Princess Leia. This Fabriano 300g 25% cotton paper gave me a bit of a hard time layering, the paint has to be completely dry for it too work and I really wanted it finished today. Luckily it went fine, no major messed up parts.

Compositions – Thrift finds, watercolor brushes and hair

I thrifted this weird dolls-head type thing many, many years ago. It’s so delightfully creepy. Never had flowers in it though, but I do keep my watercolor brushes there. Stil trying to keep up with the purple hair and also painting some acrylic skyscapes. All images from my Instagram account ByMaritaBliss some taken with my phone, some with my camera


“Nadia” watercolor and gouache. Sometimes my scanner -really- picks up on the texture of the paper, other times not. I’d prefer it didn’t.

“Think Again”

Watercolor and gouache stars. This is from February, completely forgot to post it (surprise, surprise). She’s so faint and airy, I thought about adding more layers, but I just couldn’t. She’s just the way she’s supposed to be.

Watercolor from 2015

A watercolor portrait I did in 2015. Really light and airy. It’s just been sitting in a drawer, found it recently and though it was about time to post it!

Another watercolor

Another watercolor, this one from May this year. I can’t scan this one, since it’s a bit larger in size. So just trust me when I say the colors are better in person.