Compositions – Granite

Another Instagram mood series. I am in fact obsessed with these grey Nike Airmax sneakers. But due to the light color of them, I’m also terrified of wearing them outside.

Compositions – Like the ocean

Blue from my Instagram feed. A kitty hiding from the Stranger Things monster, a mixed media drawing and blueberry breakfast. Sometimes I want blue hair, but then I remember what happened the last time I tried. And just; NO THANK YOU.

Compositions – Asphalt

Some grey pictures from my Instagram feed (there’s a lot of them), mixed in with a bit of doggie cuteness. And Mim is in fact a pokèmaster, in case you where wondering.


I don’t really like to tell people the meanings behind my paintings, I want them to have their own experience of the pieces, uncolored by my intentions. Maybe because most of the time there’s isn’t much to talk about *laughs* But this one is personal. It’s been such a cleansing experience making this, I think I want to paint my feelings more intentionally from now on. Graphite, watercolor and pen, 30×40 300g cold-pressed paper

God Solsnu // Happy winter solstice

On this, the darkest day of the year in the northers hemisphere, we woke up to this marvelous sight here in little Larvik. A Rainicorn seems to have flown by. These beautiful iridescence clouds danced slowly for nearly an hour before fading to the dawn. God Solsnu // Happy winter solstice !

Some bad news

  I got some bad news from the hospital. They think I have TBE. Which makes sense because I have most of the symptoms. TBE is a virus that infects the brain and central nervous system. It causes acute brain inflammation (Encephalitis ) and/or brain membrane inflammation (Meningitis). Only about 1-2% dies after the early onset of symptoms, so it’s highly unlikely that I die at this stage. So yay for that. I’ve been doing better, but I’m still very sick. I can take all from a few months to years for the body to heals itself properly. The only treatment is …

A night in the hospital

What have I been up to? Well, I’ve been to the hospital due to a severe headache. The MRI machine sang me the song of it’s people, there was a lot of needle poking in both my arms and my spine (YIKES). The food was good and everyone was so nice and helpful. But as the doctor said; they’re better at finding out what isn’t wrong than finding out what it actually is. Good news is that it’s nothing acutely serious, I’ll get some more answers next week.  

Autumn harvest

Mushrooms everywhere. We’ve been on a little mushroom picking adventure two times this fall. Plenty of treasures all around. They were Lucky’s last ones, she were old and ill, but she still kept up with us. I’ll miss you you little weirdo, you were the best dog ever.


This painted today. It’s been an awful day with aches and all those other fun things that come with this chronic illness. Luckily Cecil at Nightvale Radio made the day a bit better, and I got this done, not bad at all.