God Solsnu // Happy winter solstice

On this, the darkest day of the year in the northers hemisphere, we woke up to this marvelous sight here in little Larvik. A Rainicorn seems to have flown by. These beautiful iridescence clouds danced slowly for nearly an hour before fading to the dawn. God Solsnu // Happy winter solstice !

Home again

Well, things are a bit more where they’re supposed to be, but there’s still a few things missing. Like a desk for my studio. My poor studio has been pretty much just a dumping ground for all clutter from every room of the house. But things are slowly getting organized. I’m exhausted, but I’ve been getting around to doing some ink paintings for #inktober But I’ve posted them everywhere but here. Sorry about that. My desktop has been in pieces and I have no desk. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it! But illness and clutter aside, me and kitty are …