Compositions – Like the ocean

Blue from my Instagram feed. A kitty hiding from the Stranger Things monster, a mixed media drawing and blueberry breakfast. Sometimes I want blue hair, but then I remember what happened the last time I tried. And just; NO THANK YOU.

Drawing a bit

Made this quick drawing the other day. Graphite, coal pencils and some silver pen. Also managed to break one of my pencil sharpeners, hate it when that happens.

Braids WIP

  Drawing a bit. It’s been a while so i thought i start with possibly the most frustrating thing of all to draw: hair (and even more so braids). Ofc.

Soon a brand new year

New year for new art. Here are a few of the paintings and drawings I’ve done this year. I should go through them. Oh, well, I’ll get to it eventually. Wishing you all a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come!

Pastel hair

Just a quick drawing today. I haven’t used this paper much, it’s got a lot more tooth than the one I’ve been using. Takes some getting used to.

Drawing, and accidents

Graphite and charcoal on paper. I managed to spill my entire glass of painting-water over my desk the other day. But I luckily only ruined one drawing, it could have gone so much worse. This could be saved with some drastic cropping. Note to self; always put that darn lid on!