Watercolor from 2015

A watercolor portrait I did in 2015. Really light and airy. It’s just been sitting in a drawer, found it recently and though it was about time to post it!

Compositions – Lavandula

Some images from my Instagram feed. I finally dyed my hair purple, and it lasted for about a week, purple apparently fades in UV light and it’s been uncharacteristically sunny for early autumn Norway. Well, at least it fades to silvery-blonde. I’ve been panting a bit with acrylics again, it’s been abut 10 years so it takes a bit of getting used to. But I like it. More to come soon.

Compositions – Granite

Another Instagram mood series. I am in fact obsessed with these grey Nike Airmax sneakers. But due to the light color of them, I’m also terrified of wearing them outside.

Compositions – Like the ocean

Blue from my Instagram feed. A kitty hiding from the Stranger Things monster, a mixed media drawing and blueberry breakfast. Sometimes I want blue hair, but then I remember what happened the last time I tried. And just; NO THANK YOU.

Compositions – Asphalt

Some grey pictures from my Instagram feed (there’s a lot of them), mixed in with a bit of doggie cuteness. And Mim is in fact a pokèmaster, in case you where wondering.

Drawing a bit

Made this quick drawing the other day. Graphite, coal pencils and some silver pen. Also managed to break one of my pencil sharpeners, hate it when that happens.

Another watercolor

Another watercolor, this one from May this year. I can’t scan this one, since it’s a bit larger in size. So just trust me when I say the colors are better in person.