“Gone Now”

Watercolor and graphite. I think I finished it in September. Remembered I should post it a day I saw my cat sitting on it. And so it goes.

Compositions – Thrift finds, watercolor brushes and hair

I thrifted this weird dolls-head type thing many, many years ago. It’s so delightfully creepy. Never had flowers in it though, but I do keep my watercolor brushes there. Stil trying to keep up with the purple hair and also painting some acrylic skyscapes. All images from my Instagram account ByMaritaBliss some taken with my phone, some with my camera


“Nadia” watercolor and gouache. Sometimes my scanner -really- picks up on the texture of the paper, other times not. I’d prefer it didn’t.

Compositions – Acrylic Studio Phthalo blue

I needed a blue for my continued obsession with clouds and skyscapes. Now I can actually start painting some. I read that Phthalo blue was the color to get. I already had one, but it was a Phthalo (red hue). A lot warmer than what I wanted, no good for a bright, sunny day. I also got some other paints and some brushes. All set. All images from my Instagram account ByMaritaBliss some taken with my phone, some with my camera

Small acrylic painting

A Small acrylic painting I did. Trying to loosen up my style a bit, so there hasn’t been a lot of these sort of “realistic” ones. Maybe I’ll post some of my experiments soon.

“Think Again”

Watercolor and gouache stars. This is from February, completely forgot to post it (surprise, surprise). She’s so faint and airy, I thought about adding more layers, but I just couldn’t. She’s just the way she’s supposed to be.

Mixed media portrait

A (sort of quick) mixed media portrait I did on the “wrong side of the paper. It’s the Fabrino hot pressed satin paper, 300g. On the right side graphite goes on smoothly, but on the wrong side it just preforms sort of.. Weird.. And patchy. So I tried not to do much shading at all. The pictures didn’t turn out too bad though.

Drawing WIP

WIP drawing. I have a plan, and I thought I’d add some watercolor to it at some point. But I know as soon as I add color the graphite will look just too light.. So leaving it as it is for just a -little- longer.

Studio mood

Studio mood. I’ll get darker soon, need to get some proper light in before that. And I also need some new bruses. I guess I’ll have to make a list.